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May 25, 2021

In this episode, we are excited to take an in-depth look at Citrus Bloom, a beautiful blend crafted from doTERRA's pure, potent essential oils. We'll look at the plants inside and how they've been used throughout...

May 18, 2021

In this episode we sit down with Dr. Ashley Anderson to talk all about sleep. We'll discuss why getting good sleep is important, how you can make sure you're getting your best sleep, as well as how the new Sleep Wellness Program can help you achieve your sleep goals.

May 11, 2021

In this episode we sit down with Bekah Nixon, Vice President of Global Product Innovation, and Lifestyle for doTERRA, to talk about toxins in the air. We discuss what toxins are, how they affect your air, what you can do about them, and what solutions doTERRA has to help.

May 4, 2021

In this episode we sit down with Sabrina Dill to talk about using essential oils internally. She'll discuss why this is a controversial topic, what you need to know to use essential oils safely internally, some of her favorite essential oils to use internally, and more.

May 1, 2021

In this episode we sit down with Samantha Lewis, a member of the doTERRA Product Marketing team, to talk all about how doTERRA products, like Geranium, can help your haircare routine. Plus, we'll look into the fascinating history of...