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Sep 27, 2022

In this episode we sit down with Leland Jones to talk about the importance of supplements for your body. We'll discuss why your body needs supplements, why some supplements work with your body better than others, and what taking a supplement can do for your body. Plus, Leland will share some of his favorite supplements to take every day like Lifelong Vitality, Deep Blue Polyphenol Complex, and TerraZyme. We'll also sit down with Dr. Osguthorpe, Chief Medical Officer, to talk about your healthspan vs your lifespan and what you can do to to take control including utilizing the new MetaPWR System.

This episode is sponsored by the Lifelong Vitality Pack, learn more about how you can get a free, exclusive copy of the Essential Oils for Beginners audiobook by purchasing a the Lifelong Vitality Pack.